Get FREE Clash of Kings Cheats for Gold – Fast, Safe, and Convenient!

Get FREE Clash of Kings Cheats for Gold – Fast, Safe, and Convenient!


Earlier this 2015, Clash of Kings had already reached more than 10 million downloads, just 6 months after its release. This just proved how much traction this game had gained within the mobile gaming community. That said, there are still many who bemoan the fact that higher levels within the game would mean not only more resources spent when upgrading, but also a longer wait time unless you have Gold to spare. Being the in-game currency, Gold can only be acquired either by paying for it or by occupying any of the many gold mines scattered at different points of the map. While the latter is a possible option for those who do not wish to spend real money on a game, it is a long an painstaking process — several hours of gold mining can have only a very small yield, not even enough to hire a second builder!

Clash of Kings Cheats

Hence, many players are trying to get around the concern by creating their own unlimited-gold hacks. There are some Clash of Kings cheats that allow you to download cracked APKs in place of the legit one. While some of these may work temporarily, a patch or two can render the hack unusable — or worse, brick the game altogether. There may also be unwanted software bundled along with your download.

There are also some Gold generators that will ask you to download the tool to your computer. Some of them will ask for your GMail or Apple account details, including your passwords — something that should never be given online for whatever reason. There are also variants of these that will ask you to connect your phone to the computer via a USB cable — in this scenario, any malicious file can get transferred to and fro. Besides, these hacks almost always .EXE files that can be run only on Windows PCs — those using Mac or Linux are left out from these Clash of King hack.

The Safest & Fastest Clash of Kings Cheats

But then again, there is the category of online Gold generators, the type that do not ask for passwords. This way, you are protected from any type of malicious behavior. There is only one of this worth mentioning. This is the simplest and most effective way to get an unlimited supply of Gold for your CoK. Simply provide the username of your GMail or your Apple ID (depending on whether you are using Android or iOS), and then the amount of Gold you wish to add. Then, click the Finish button — and you’re done! When you log in to CoK once more, the added Gold should be there.

This powerful hack can unlock an all-new set of possibilities as it unleashes the full potential of CoK gameplay. Go VIP, increase your army’s speed and your Lord’s XP, complete structure upgrading and unit training in a flash! Unleash your empire’s might against the other Lords, and go on a shopping spree with all the Gold! All this can be possible within a minute using this online generator.

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